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Committees and Special Projects

Service on a MAS committee is open to any MAS member. Committee members receive a 50% discount on MAS continuing education seminars! Committee Chairs receive a complimentary MAS membership and attendance at MAS seminars. If you are interested in working with on a committee or special project, contact the president of MAS by email at: president@marylandacupuncturesociety.org


Legislation and public policy decisions could have profound effects for Maryland acupuncturists. The Legislative committee monitors legislation, and with advice of MAS’s lobbyist, determines what actions or responses may be needed by MAS to protect or enhance our ability to practice acupuncture. The legislative committee also participates in activities to increase awareness and utilization of acupuncture in Maryland’s healthcare, such as speaking to elected officials, agencies, and conducting the annual Maryland Acupuncture Lobby Day at the Capitol. If you are interested, please email us at legislative@marylandacupuncturesociety.org.

Insurance Committee

The insurance committee monitors and identifies issues related to provider insurance reimbursement for acupuncture services. Members of the insurance committee will participate in researching and gathering documentation to support insurance billing issues. If you are interested, please email us at: insurance@marylandacupuncturesociety.org.

Membership Committee

The membership committee is dedicated to making your MAS membership as valuable as possible to you. We are committed to fostering community among Maryland acupuncturists, partnering with companies to provide discounts to our members and welcoming new acupuncturists into our community upon entering the profession. Our goal for the coming years is to grow our membership to most acupuncturists in Maryland. By increasing our representation, the ASA and subsequently MAS, will be invited to the healthcare decision making tables and will be able to have a stronger voice in crafting how acupuncture is delivered, compensated and respected throughout mainstream healthcare. What do you want to get out of your MAS membership? Please email us at membership@marylandacupuncturesociety.org.

Communications Committee

The communication committee will facilitate better communication between MAS members and the Executive Board via emails, newsletters, and social media. The committee leads on the publication of the quarterly newsletter (Sun and Moon) and closely collaborates with various committees to help improve membership experience and enhance MAS’s overall professional image. If you are interested in joining, please email your application to secretary@marylandacupuncturesociety.org.

Education Committee

The Education committee is committed to the educational needs of MAS members. By organizing and sponsoring local top-notch CEU opportunities we are providing our members with the knowledge and tools to help their practice and business excel. If you’re interested in joining, please email your application to education@marylandacupuncturesociety.org.


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