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Knowledge Included in the 8 Extraordinary Vessels and Fulfilling Destiny Course

The audio file content for the course is to be accessed from the website download.com (at a future date it will be converted to a slide show audio and hosted on vimeo.com). The audio files are included in the cost of this course. You should make sure you have storage space on a local computer which can hold 2-3 megabytes (MB) if you wish to download files. However, you can play audio files one by one from dropbox.com and not download them. Below is a summary of the course content. A link to access the dropbox content. will be in the course lesson “getting the course content” You may have to sign up for the dropbox service free plan if you want to do something more than listen to audio files one by one.  

8 Extraordinary Vessels and Fulfilling Destiny 

During the 14 hour seminar, the following topics are covered:

Hours 1-7:

  • Introduction 
    • Nine Heart Pains
    • Possibilities
    • First Ancestry
    • 3 Yin of legs, water, earth, wood
  • Uses of 8 Extra Vessels
    • 8 Extra Vessels Treatment
    • Clinical Implications
    • Point Selection
    • Needling Technique
    • 8 Extra Vessels pulse, Dong Mai
    • Channel Pairings
    • Chong Mai and Blueprint
    • Chong Trajectory
    • Wei Channels
    • Qiao Channels
    • Dai Mai and Latency
    • Skeleton of 8 Extraordinary Vessels
  • Ren Mai
    • Self Containment
    • Dependency
  • Du Mai
    • Individuality
    • Environment-Epigenetics
  • Classical Symptoms
    • Chong, Ren, Du
    • Wei Mai
    • Qiao Mai

Hours 8-14:

  • Irresponsible 8 Extraordinary Vessel Treatments
  • Fulfilling Destiny
    • Blueprint Chong
    • Dai Mai
    • Qiao Mai
    • 3 Approaches of Fulfilling Destiny
    • Psychology and 8 Extraordinary Vessels
    • Terms for Destiny
  • 8 Extraordinary Vessels and Morality
    • Confucian Virtues
    • Sociopaths, Loss of Morality
    • Treatment of Sociopaths
  • 8 Extraordinary Vessels and Secondary Channels
    • Reasons why 8 extraordinary Vessels not Working