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The Total price of this course is $192 including PDA. If no PDA is desired a course with only audio content is available for $142 on the same page as this course.

This acupuncture continuing education course is based on a high quality recording of the MAS Jeffrey Yuen Seminar presented in April, 2009. Jeffrey Yuen is the speaker, in front of a live audience in Maryland in the United States. The subject is a comprehensive look at the treatment of the spiritual, emotional, and physical roots of addictions in the context of Chinese Medicine. You can receive continuing education credits for listening and studying the material if a worksheet is filled out, and an exam taken. The continuing education credit comes from the NCCAOM as professional development activity (PDA) with a certificate. To find out more about the PDA process visit the summary of the course process

Addictions are pervasive in our culture, and include such diverse compulsive behaviors as addictions to drugs, alcohol, food, purging, sex, pornography, exercise, gambling, computers, “crack” berries, and shopping. Some forms of addictions entail physical dependence, a state in which the body relies on a substance for normal functioning, and goes through withdrawal symptoms when it is suddenly removed. Other forms of addictions involve psychological dependence, recurring obsessions about or compulsions to engage in some specific activity, despite harmful consequences. A meridian approach to working with addictions can broaden and deepen the work of helping people overcome these distressing behaviors.

In this two-day class, Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen will elucidate how the eight extraordinary meridians, the divergent channels, the luo-connecting vessels, the primary meridians, and the sinew channels can be used to treat various facets of a person’s body, mind, and spirit, and serve as invitations to overcome psychological and/or physical addictions. Visit the topic knowledge included in the course for more information. Find out more by reading about Addictions instructor Jeffrey Yuen.

Fifty percent of the profits from the sale of this recording goes to benefit the International Tai Chi Association.
PLEASE NOTE: This recording is not an AUDIO CD, it is a download from the internet which can be stored on a computer or laptop to listen to the recording, or if you have access to make audio CDs on your computer you can use the files to do that.

The Jeffrey Yuen Addictions seminar recording contains some very handy features.

1. Each track has a distinctive title that shows up on your computer. Even the questions are labeled. All track titles are also offered in an Excel file by download directly from the course and included in the Gumroad download . Tracks are logically divided according to the lecture.

2. Within the handout, the tracks are collated. While you are listening to the recording, you always know exactly where you are within the outline and can easily find your way back there.

3. We have also included a PDF of all of the drawings that accompanied the lecture, 32 altogether. They are also identified within the notes so as you are listening to the lecture, you can tell where he is in the handout but also what he is drawing on the overhead.


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