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Knowledge Included in the Bi-Obstruction Course

The content for the course is to be downloaded from the website gumroad.com (at a future date it will be converted to a slide show audio and hosted on vimeo.com). The picture below is a link to the download site. There will be a cost of $142 to download the files. You should make sure you have storage space on a local computer which can hold 2-3 megabytes (MB). Below that is a summary of the course content.

Bi-Obstruction Syndrome – recording only – Jeffrey Yuen

During the 14 hour seminar, the following topics are covered:

Hours 1-7:

  • Introduction to Bi-Obstruction & Its Etiology
    • Based on the Nei Jing
    • Based on Channel Systems
  • Wai Ke & Its Doctrines
    • Based on the Song Imperial Medical Academy
    • Based on Its Strategies
  • Notion of Pestilent Qi & Bi-Obstruction
    • Concept of Fu-Lurking Qi
    • Bi-Obstruction as a Dynamic of Preventing Internalization of Pathogens

Hours 8-14:

  • Blood Stagnation in Bi-Obstruction
    • Role of the Emotions
    • Impact of Social Conditioning
  • Treatment Strategies of Bi-Obstruction
    • Implications from the Channel Systems
    • Cardinal Focus for Treatment Efficacy
    • Treatment Management for Chronic Conditions
  • Spiritual Aspects of Pain
    • As Resistance & Stagnation
    • As Non-Liberating Memory
    • As Grace