Knowledge Included in the course

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Overview of Chinese Medicine Etiology for Cancer

  • Yin Stasis
  • Role of Jing, deficiency in Organs
  • Access to Jing through Meridian Systems
  • Prolonged Qi and Blood Stasis
  • 5 Accumulations / Stagnations
  • Liver Detoxification
  • Emotional Issues – Toxicity
  • Spleen and Transformation
  • Poisoning and Organ Taxation, Heavy Metal Poisoning

Pathology of Cancer from a Chinese Medicine Perspective

  • Heat
  • Exogenous pathogenic factors
  • Heat in the Kidneys – steaming bone
  • Damp in the Spleen
  • Fire Toxins
  • Latency – Metastasis

Basic Treatment Strategies

  • Promote Remission
  • Promote Clearing
  • Alternative to 2 primary strategies, removing blockages, purging

Metastasis of CancerĀ 

  • Loss of Latency
  • Heat in the Blood
  • Hot Phlegm
  • Obstruction in Outlet Areas
  • Sweating and Purging
  • Metastasis to Jing Areas – Curious Bowels, Marrow, Bone, Spine, and Brain

Chinese Medicine Treatment for Cancer Care

  • Acupuncture – levels and strategy
  • Luo Channels – bleeding protocol
  • Divergent Channels
  • Eight Extraordinary Channels
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Diet / Nutrition
  • Qi Gong