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The Total price of this course is $142, which is $142 for the video content which is available now separately on vimeo.com. The learning management (study guide) is provided at no charge. 

This is the cancer care recording without any continuing education credits, only the recording.

This acupuncture continuing education course is based on a high quality audio recording of a seminar presented in April 2004. Jeffrey Yuen is the speaker, in front of a live audience in Maryland in the United States.  The subject is a comprehensive look at cancer care and Chinese medicine. This course is a copy of the 14 PDA version of the course but does not offer continuing education credits for listening and studying the material. You can start with this course and purchase the continuing education version without having to repurchase the inner course content.  To find out more about this course, visit the summary of the course process

Jeffrey Yuen consolidates and integrates some of the Chinese Medicine modalities, namely, acupuncture, herbal medicine, qi gong and dietary therapy, while at the same time, bringing information from western/conventional and alternative approaches into the treatment of cancer. Visit the topic knowledge included in the course for more information. Find out more by reading about cancer care instructor Jeffrey Yuen.

Fifty percent of the profits from the sale of the recording goes to benefit the International Tai Chi Association. The acupuncture continuing education course material comes in the form of a video which has been created from the original audio recording, using slides showing each original episode (disk) and track and a summary of information in the track. Visit vimeo.com where the video is hosted to watch a trailer on the course.