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This mini course is used to allow MAS event participants to order replacement CEU Certificates that they have lost or misplaced. If you are not sure on if you need to pay for a replacement certificate (if you signed up for lifetime replacement certificates at a seminar) read the guide for MAS certificates history

Starting in 2020, the NCCAOM now tightly controls the issuance of all certificates and their system has to be used by MAS to send attendee certificates, so it will no longer be possible for MAS to give attendees the option to receive a printed certificate. All attendees will receive an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file with the certificate, after the seminar, emailed to the email address they used to register for the seminar.   

Good news is that NCCAOM is developing a system so that an NCCAOM certified professional will not have to submit any NCCAOM certificates for renewal, as they will be automatically stored in the NCCAOM system. 

However, for a fee, an emailed PDF file copy of any certificate from a past MAS seminar can be ordered. Just take the quiz on this course to tell us what seminar (or seminars, you can order two for the same cost) you need a replacement certificate for, and tell us your acupuncture license number and what state issued it. 


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