Guide to Maryland Acupuncture Society CEU/PDA certificates history

This guide will tell you how to proceed to get a missing certificate from courses presented by the Maryland Acupuncture Society.  

The first place to look is in in the classmarker system:

The following courses had an option to sign up for a downloadable certificate (not everyone took that option). If you believe you did, you can navigate to, where you should have an account and and log in and self-retrieve a certificate. The following seminars were set up with this certificate system which was used between November 2016 and the end of 2019. From 2019 onward all certificates were created directly by NCCAOM and were no longer administered through classmarker. 

Weekend seminars:

  • Live Seminar – Caring for Cancer – Rylen Feeney – Nov 2016
  • Live Seminar – Chinese Scalp Acupuncture – Jishun Hao – March 2017
  • Live Seminar – Korean Hand Acupuncture – Dan Lobash – Nov 2017
  • Live Seminar – 8 Extra Vessels – Jeffrey Yuen – March 2018
  • Live – Pulse Workshop – ACS – Sat – Nov 2018
  • Live – Pulse Workshop – ACS – Sun – Nov 2018
  • Live – Feng Shui Lecture 2019
  • Live – Insurance Seminar – 2019 – Sat
  • Live – Insurance Seminar – 2019 – Sun
  • Live – Life in Business for Acupuncturists 2019
  • Live – Lonny Jarrett Seminar – 2019

Distance Learning Courses had certificates administered in classmarker when they were first created, and as of late 2020 are being transferred to the MAS learning management system directly on the MAS new website. 

  • Aches and Pains by Alex Tiberi
  • Addictions – Jeffrey Yuen
  • Bi Obstruction Syndrome
  • Cancer Care – Jeffrey Yuen
  • Manifestations of Shen – Jeffrey Yuen
  • Orthopedics – Alex Tiberi

If you need a certificate from before mid 2016, or you got a printed certificate from the courses above between 2016 and 2020, then proceed with enrolling in this mini-course, pay the fee. MAS will research your certificate and provide you with an adobe PDF file containing the certificate.