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The Total price of this course is $192, which is $142 for the audio CD content which is included in the course plus the PDA exam cost of $50. $192 is charged up front. 

This acupuncture continuing education course on the energetics of orthopedic acupuncture is based on a high quality audio recording of a seminar presented in April 2003. Alex Tiberi is the speaker, in front of a live audience in Maryland in the United States.  The subject is a comprehensive look at the energetics of Orthopedic acupuncture: Theory and Practical Application. You can receive continuing education credits for listening and studying the material if a worksheet is filled out, and an exam taken. The continuing education credit comes from the NCCAOM as professional development activity (PDA) with a certificate. To find out more about the PDA process visit the summary of the course process

Due to the high volume of back, leg, and arm pain, fibromyalgia , arthritis, and atrophy, Alex Tiberi addresses the causes: zang fu disharmonies, structural, constitutional, or emotional imbalances. He outlines acupuncture and other adjunct techniques to relieve the disorders. Visit the topic knowledge included in the course for more information on this acupuncture continuing education course on Orthopedics. Find out more by reading about Orthopedics instructor Alex Tiberi.

The course material comes in the form of an Audio CD set which comes in a vinyl case with CDs in sleeves – can sit on your bookshelf or be easily carried. The set contains 10 CDs. There is a limited number of these CD recordings and no more will be produced. However, once the audio CDs are all sold, the course will be converted to a video which will be created from the original audio recording, using slides showing each original episode (disk) and track and a summary of information in the track. Visit vimeo.com where Maryland Acupuncture Society video offerings are hosted to experience this in several free to watch trailers. .