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The total price for this course is $65 with CEU/PDA. Get started getting your PDA with a $15 registration fee by enrolling in the course on this page using the “Pay $15” button, then pay the balance of $50 for the course content separately on vimeo.com.  If you do not want CEU or PDA just purchase the content on vimeo.com. 

The course is based on a video recording of the live webinar which took place February 20, 2021. Those who attended the original webinar are already enrolled in the course and marked as passing the course. The NCCAOM Certificates were sent to attendees of the original webinar on March 1st, 2021 by email if they were present at the entire webinar. Those who registered for the course but could not attend are enrolled, but will need to watch the video content, fill out the NCCAOM worksheet and take the final quiz to get a certificate. 

To find out more about the PDA process, visit the summary of the course process. And to see what it is like to hear the instructor speaking, visit the page Watch the Video Trailer to see Lillian Pearl Bridges speaking.

About The Class:

The Face shows myriad clues about a patient, particularly the life experiences and previously expressed or held emotions. This class will discuss two of the important Facial Maps: The Map of Life Experience, which records trauma; and the Emotional Map, which is the interpretation of wrinkles as caused by overuse and underuse of the emotions. Participants will learn how to read the markings on the face and will be given recommendations for possible treatments for the associated organs, which can be immediately applied in clinic.

Students Will Learn:

  1. 1. How to read the Age Positions on the Map of Life Experiences
  2. 2. What the various Wrinkles mean, which emotions they convey and which organs they affect
  3. 3. How to treat the organs for overuse and underuse of emotions

About Lillian Pearl Bridges

Lillian Pearl Bridges is the world’s leading authority on Face Reading and Facial Diagnosis. She is credited for reawakening Chinese Medicine to this body of ancient knowledge and introducing it to Western Medicine. She has taught around the world to Complimentary and Allopathic Doctors, Acupuncturists, Psychologists and other Natural Health Practitioners. She is the founder of the Lotus Institute, Inc., based in Seattle, WA and has trained students in her Master Face Reading Certification Program since 2013. She is a lineage holder from a long line of Master Chinese practitioners in her Chien family and received her degree in Psychology from UCLA. She is the author of Face Reading in Chinese Medicine, 2nd Edition and Divine Chinese Cuisine. She has been a contributor to several other books on Chinese Medicine published by Elsevier and for the Thieme Almanac. Lillian has been a guest columnist for Natural Health Magazine and has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles in numerous countries. She hosted her own internet radio show in Seattle, “Conscious Living” and was featured on the Dr. Oz Show in 2013 in the episode, “What Your Face Reveals About Your Health.” She also writes the internationally popular Food Blog – 5 Element Food.


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