Watch the VIdeo Trailer to hear Lillian Pearl Bridges speak on Facial Mapping

Listen to Lillian Pearl Bridges, the creator and instructor of the Facial Mapping Course speaking in the video excerpt (trailer) below and see samples of slides that will be used by her to present the material. In this trailer, first the moderator, Emily will speak, then there is a brief segment showing Lillian Pearl Bridges. Purchase the video to see the entire presentation. 

The course content will need to be purchased directly on for $50. This can be accomplished right after watching the trailer if you wish. In addition, MAS has gotten approval to offer 2 NCCAOM approved PDA by taking an exam after completing the content. There is a separate $15 registration fee to enroll in this course, which includes the NCCAOM required worksheet and quiz to receive the continuing education credit, and includes an NCCAOM 2 PDA course certificate. If you do not need the CEU or PDA credit, then you can just purchase the video content.