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The total price for this course is $65 with CEU/PDA. Get started getting your PDA with a $15 registration fee by enrolling in the course on this page using the “Pay $15” button, then pay the balance of $50 for the course content separately on vimeo.com.  If you do not want CEU or PDA just purchase the content on vimeo.com.

The course is based on a video recording of the live webinar which took place June 19th, 2021. Those who attended the original webinar are already enrolled in the course and marked as passing the course. The NCCAOM Certificates were sent to attendees of the original webinar by email if they were present at the entire webinar. Those who registered for the course but could not attend are enrolled, but will need to watch the video content, fill out the NCCAOM worksheet and take the final quiz to get a certificate. 

To find out more about the PDA process, visit the summary of the course process. And to see what it is like to hear the instructor speaking, visit the page Watch the Video Trailer to see Jennifer Hutchison speaking.

About The Class:

The Introduction to Healing Justice for Acupuncturists course is intended to provide a foundation for acupuncturists and acupuncture interns to serve their non-white patients better. This two hour long virtual workshop is a mini version of Jennifer’s full 16-week course that she will launch in the summer of 2021. Students and attendees will roleplay, reflect on audio, and video content, journal, self-assess, and define fundamental racial literacy terms. Attendees will leave the workshop with an in-depth examination of healing justice. Furthermore, they will have resources to cultivate racial literacy in their personal, social, and professional lives.

Students Will:

                1. Have the tools to engage with their BIPOC patients with compassion and understanding.
                2. Understand the influence of transgenerational trauma on body, mind, and spirit.
                3. Be able to use primary meridian and eight-extraordinary meridian treatments to lessen the burden of racial trauma, safely metabolize trauma within the body, and build resilience to future traumatic experiences.
                4. Become more racially literate.

About Jennifer Hutchison

Jennifer Hutchison is the Summer 2021 Emerging Educator featured in the Maryland Acupuncture Society’s Emerging Educator Spotlight, which gives new teachers a platform to kickstart their teaching career, and introduces our membership and acupuncture community to new and exciting content!

Jennifer is an acupuncturist and Western herbalist. She graduated from MD University of Integrative Health with a Masters of Acupuncture, and will continue her Dr. of Acupuncture studies in Spring 2022.

She is also a student of Chinese herbal medicine at Yao Shan Herbs School in Washington DC. Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Agnes Scott College, a Master’s degree in Biology from Winthrop University, and a Master’s degree in physiological sciences from the University of Arizona. She has over twelve years of teaching experience as an adjunct professor in biology, zoology, and physiology and holds a certificate in College Teaching from the University of Arizona.

Jennifer has an extensive cell physiology research background. She’s worked as a research associate and lab manager for Nuvox Pharma LLC, The University of Arizona Cancer Biology Dept, and The Cooperative Agriculture Support Services of The Citrus Research Board in California. She is excited to become a part of the Integrative Wellness Center at Henry Chiropractic. Her personal practice is AcuHerb Community Circle LLC (AHCC). She resides in Leonardtown with her husband and young daughter.


Live Webinar Recording and NCCAOM PDA Policy:

All registrants of a live webinar are eligible to view the recording of that live webinar at no additional cost when it is available. Recordings are usually available within 1-2 weeks after a live webinar.

If you attend the live webinar for the duration of the webinar, you will automatically receive your PDA certificate via email usually within 1-2 weeks of the live webinar event.
If you registered for the live event, but did not attend the live event, or only attended a portion of the entire live webinar event, you will NOT be eligible to receive live webinar PDA. However, you will be eligible to receive Distance Learning PDA if you view the webinar recording, take the Distance Learning exam, and complete the worksheet. There is no additional cost to take the Distance Learning exam if you registered for the live webinar but are ineligible for the Live PDA (either because you missed the entire life webinar or you missed portions of the live webinar).  If you are only eligible for the Distance Learning PDA, we will notify you by email following the live webinar. Please allow 2-6 weeks for the Distance Learning course to be available following a live webinar event.



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