Use the support system to request your NCCAOM Produced certificate

When you have reached this point, and you passed the quiz and uploaded your worksheet, you should have completed all requirements to get your NCCAOM PDA certificate. NCCAOM requires all certificates to be produced through their website system. If you have not already received a certificate by email from NCCAOM, you will use the MAS website support ticket system to request a certificate. You can check back in the support system and if the request has been completed, you will be able to download your certificate directly from the support system ticket. This ticket will remain on your account, so you can come back later and download another copy if you lose your certificate. You can enter your support ticket request for a certificate in the form below.

What if you are just renewing your Maryland Acupuncture License, are not NCCAOM Certified, and do not need or want an NCCAOM PDA Certificate? The course does produce a NON-NCCAOM certificate automatically, that you will be able to see when all lessons and topics are marked completed, and all quizzes/exams are passed (this includes uploading the NCCAOM worksheet). It is visible on the main course starting page, and on your personal learning profile page, and should also be visible below. But remember that certificate cannot be used as a substitute for an NCCAOM created certificate. 

Alternative Non-NCCAOM