Using the Learning Management System versus listening to the Audio-Visual material separately

Use of the learning management system (LMS) is a step up from just buying a recording and listening to it. The learning management system guides you through the process of navigating all the episodes or tracks in a recording, tracking which parts you have completed. If your goal is to get continuing education PDA / CEU credits, it also leads you through all the steps required to take NCCAOM certified courses.

The learning management system also provides you with your own learner profile page, showing you the courses you are enrolled in, your progress in each, and the number of CEU points, and certificates you have earned. Your personal learning page showing the courses you are taking and have completed can be found here.  When you are looking for additional courses and recordings to get, the catalog page will show you the ones you have already taken or enrolled in. You will also be put into an interest group and get information on other courses by your favorite instructors. 

However, you are not tied to using only the LMS, if you want to study some of the course material separately, you can do that anywhere that your type of course allows, for example using a car CD player for audio CDs, or watching a video on your tablet from anywhere with an internet connection. With Vimeo streaming video you can also download episodes for offline watching where there is no internet.