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The total price for this course is $65 with CEU/PDA. Get started getting your PDA with a $15 registration fee by enrolling in the course on this page using the “Pay $15” button, then pay the balance of $50 for the course content separately on vimeo.com.  If you do not want CEU or PDA just purchase the content on vimeo.com.

The course is based on a video recording of the live webinar which took place January 30th, 2021. Those who attended the original webinar are already enrolled in the course and marked as passing the course. The NCCAOM Certificates were sent to attendees of the original webinar by email if they were present at the entire webinar. Those who registered for the course but could not attend are enrolled, but will need to watch the video content, fill out the NCCAOM worksheet and take the final quiz to get a certificate. 

To find out more about the PDA process, visit the summary of the course process. And to see what it is like to hear the instructor speaking, visit the page Watch the Video Trailer to see Chen Yen speaking.

About The Class:

The landscape of how we work, live, and what can be possible when receiving healthcare is forever changed.  More people are open to interacting and learning online than ever before.

The acupuncturist’s role has also evolved as the importance of health and alternative ways of receiving healthcare have moved to the forefront. As acupuncturists, you play an important role in helping your patients in navigating their health, including in the online terrain.  Educating and attracting new patients in ways that don’t depend on being “in person” has also become an essential skill.  Join us in this continuing education live webinar to learn how to attract new patients, and bring in other streams of income beyond just seeing patients!

Course Objectives:

                1. Learn specific ways to attract a consistent flow of patients virtually
                2. Understand how to educate people about the benefits of telehealth
                3. Learn where to find places to educate online that people will pay attention to
                4. Explore other streams of income beyond treating patients

About Chen Yen 

Founder of Fill My Holistic Practice

Chen is a sought-after national speaker. She specializes in helping holistic practitioners (and more specifically, introverted holistic practitioners) in marketing and building their practices in ways that feel natural and bring in consistent patient flow.

A trained pharmacist, (with a secret she kept to herself about what she really thought of drugs), Chen started and grew a pharmacist recruiting business from 0 to 7 figures when she helped experienced pharmacists find jobs that were right for them.

She was interested in things like Chinese medicine, and going to see chiropractors and naturopathic doctors when it wasn’t as popular back then as it is now. As part of her Doctor of Pharmacy clinical degree at the University of Washington, she made up a reason and got permission to do a rotation at the Bastyr Chinese Herbal Medicine Dispensary instead of doing it at a typical pharmacy. On some level, even back then, she knew she felt trapped and stifled in a regular pharmacy and wanted to get out.

As an introvert growing her business, when she took her first leap of faith to start getting out of working in a pharmacy, Chen would often procrastinate doing things to market her business that her extroverted mentors told her she should be doing. It was frustrating to try to be someone she was not. Being around large groups of new people she didn’t know, trying to persuade people to do things, and being “out there” networking was not her thing. After a lot of rejection and disappointment, Chen figured out an introverted way to grow her business without having to do as much marketing.

This simple introverted approach had her clients (in her first business) asking for services and willing to pay more than what was typical in the industry. This approach allowed her business to double not just once, but several times to 7 figures in less than five years.

Her belief is that holistic health practitioners don’t have to struggle with inconsistent income when they choose to follow a step-by-step system that works.  Chen’s mission is to change the way the planet treats illness and health. This can only happen if holistic health practitioners get the word out there about their work and healing.  


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