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Continuing Education Courses for Acupuncturists with master teachers in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

The Maryland Acupuncture society has built a whole learning management system for continuing education courses for acupuncturists which will offer you a guided learning experience for your professional education needs. Our Featured Instructor is world renowned Teach Jeffrey Yuen:

  1. Jeffrey Yuen teaches 14 PDA courses, including Cancer Care, Manifestations of Shen, Addictions: Treating the Roots, Bi-Obstruction, and the latest offering, 8 Extraordinary Channels.
  2. We also have 2 CEU hour/PDA Distance Learning courses, a two part course, Face Reading for Telehealth (part 1) and Facial Maps (part 2) from Lillian Pearl Bridges, and The Evolution of the Acupuncture Profession: New Patients, Telehealth, and Other Income Streams – with Chen Yen for a total of 3 in 2 hour format. 
  3. If you need 6 CEU hour/PDA, we offer Tongue Diagnosis for Gynecological Conditions with Evan Rabinowitz

Vote in the poll on the right to guide us in selecting the next recordings for acupuncturists to bring back as slide and audio on video. Also in the grid below is a way to order lost or replacement CEU / PDA certificates for older courses.


Coming next: The next 6 PDA course to be developed will be the Gu Syndrome Essential Oils for Chronic Lyme Disease – with Greg Lee

Besides courses with CEU/PDA, MAS has other Recordings of 14 hour seminars currently available, and some we are planning to bring back which were formerly Audio CDs into a slide/video/audio format on vimeo.com

Currently available as audio CD: Orthopedic Acupuncture – Alex TIberi, and Manifestations of Shen – Jeffrey Yuen. Inquire if you would like to purchase one of these and have it shipped to you. The orthopedics and Shen recordings can also be purchased with the option of PDA continuing education units and a certificate. When these are sold out an video/slide show version will be developed. 

Then there are three being planned to convert into the slide/audio/video form:
Health, Wellness, and the Five Channel Systems – Jeffrey Yuen, Nurturing the Unfolding of Life – Jeffrey Yuen, Chinese Medical Pediatrics – Jeffrey Yuen

There are three recordings in MP3 file format that can be downloaded, scroll down to access those: Addictions, 8 Extraordinary Vessels, and Bi-obstruction by Jeffrey Yuen

Then rounding out the list are 3 videos without PDA available on vimeo.com, keep scrolling down to find those: endocrinology, the nine heart palaces, and Recovery from Illness, Jeffrey Yuen.

If there is one of these courses or recordings that you really want and cannot wait, we can also arrange a special delivery of the audio files to you via dropbox that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Contact support@marylandacupuncturesociety.org to make the arrangements. 



Many of the following courses are based on recordings that have already been made and were previously available as Audio CD sets. MAS will no longer be producing Audio CDs except in special circumstances. The courses below that have under development in the title are being transferred to a video format with slides to be hosted on Vimeo.com in the future. Some courses are still based on Audio CD sets (look for the phrase audio CD in the action button at the bottom of the course description. Other courses are based on live webinars that were recorded. 


Use the dropdown box below to filter the display of continuing education courses for acupuncturists by instructor, PDA/CEU, or availability.

Get Started for $15, plus content fee $50

Introduction to Healing Justice for Acupuncturists – with Jennifer Hutchison – 2 PDA

NCCAOM Course PDA-372-56

Get Started for $15, plus content fee $50

The Evolution of the Acupuncture Profession: New Patients, Telehealth, and Other Income Streams – with Chen Yen – 2 PDA

NCCAOM Course PDA-372-50


CEU / PDA Certificate Replacement – If you need a certificate from before mid 2016, or you got a printed certificate from the courses above between 2016 and 2020

  • Audio Downloads from GumRoad. You have to separately purchase the download on the website the box links to. If you would like to receive 14 PDA Credits for Bi-Obstruction, vote in the survey above for this course and we can prioritize getting it set up for you.  Eventually these downloads will be phased out and replaced by video recordings with slides on vimeo.com

ADDICTIONS: Treating the Spiritual Emotional and Physical Roots – recording only – Jeffrey Yuen.

8 Extraordinary Vessels and Fulfilling Destiny – recording only – Jeffrey Yuen

Bi-Obstruction Syndrome – recording only – Jeffrey Yuen

  •  Streaming video hosted on Vimeo.com . You have to separately purchase the video sets separately from Vimeo, using a free vimeo account. The streaming video can be watched on any phone, tablet or computer connected to the internet, or even downloaded into devices for off line listening or watching.  We will be incorporating all video content into Courses on the MAS site, some will have NCCAOM PDA offered, such as the Cancer Care course which is located above and uses a video on vimeo.com to deliver course content.

    The three videos on vimeo below do not have CEU / PDA available at this time.

Day 1 of the Jeffrey Yuen seminar from March 6, 7-8, 2020 – Video with all notes and drawings

Days 2 and 3 of the Jeffrey Yuen seminar from March 6, 7-8, 2020 – Video with all notes and drawings


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